Fitcorp Asia Opens the First Commercial Simulated Altitude Training Center in South East Asia at The Aspire Club.

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Thailand Fitness Company, Fitcorp Asia Opens the First Commercial Simulated Altitude Training Center in South East Asia at The Aspire Club.

(Bangkok, December 1, 2011) Fitcorp Asia, Thailand’s leading personal training, fitness and sports performance company launches Asia’s first simulated Altitude training center at the Aspire Club in Bangkok. SAT, also known as Hypoxic training, where individuals train at simulated altitude environment at heights of 5000m above sea level forces the body to develop greater number of red blood cells to adapt to the lower levels of oxygen, improving the amount and delivery of oxygen to working muscles, improving the removal of waste products from energy production such as lactate, increasing fat loss, improving recovery and allowing individuals to work at higher intensities for longer with less fatigue.

Altitude Training @ Aspire Club
Altitude Training @ Aspire Club

Since the Mexico City Olympics, where speed and power athletes demolished world records and endurance athletes struggled, the sports performance world has spent millions in researching the benefit of training at Altitude.

In line with Fitcorp Asia’s commitment to improve results and sports performance of their clients, the opening of the SAT chamber is cutting edge to support the evolution of the industry. The chamber, at a cost of 5 million baht, was invented by the world’s leader in altitude training systems, ATS based in Brisbane Australia. ATS Thailand has introduced the systems to Thailand and plans to have 10 systems installed with leading sports industries and the Sports Authority of Thailand. IN addition to installations in Australia, ATS has systems installed

Majority of research conducted has primarily involved endurance athletes and the benefit include facilitation of fat loss, increased anaerobic threshold, faster recovery times, weight loss, and cardiac rehabilitation. Fitcorp Asia has created result driven programs to include small group training, weight management programs for the amateur athlete and fitness enthusiast as well as those looking to lose weight more effectively and prepare for trek to altitude.

“Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) has an undocumented track records of close to 100% of those heading to altitude to trek without any altitude sickness,” said Daniel Remon, founder and CEO of Fitcorp Asia and the Aspire Club.

“Aspire by Fitcorp Asia continue to revolutionize the Asian and Thai fitness industry, delivering high end result driven programs that enhance performance and introduce cutting edge concepts into the region. This is what Aspire is all about, achieve aspirations, redefining the industry and leading through innovation. This is what sets us apart and allows us the create the path for others to follow”.

We have already experienced outstanding success with altitude training, with athletes, weight management clients and trekkers in Thailand. This is an exciting arena to be a part of, where Fitcorp Asia is leading the industry in South East Asia for sports performance and cutting edge athletic development.

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