Baked Apple with Figs and Greek Yoghurt

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1 Eating apple (150g approx), cored
3 Dried figs (60g)
2 tbsp orange juice
100g Greek yoghurt


Score the cored apple around the ‘equator’ (it’s waistline) to prevent the apple bursting when cooking (just score the skin, do not cut through the apple). Cut the figs in half and stuff them into the centre of the cored apple (if they do not all fit in then quarter and warm up in the juice. Place the apple in a small oven-proof container with the orange juice and bake in a medium oven for about 20 minutes until soft through and just beginning to ‘puff up’. To serve arrange on a plate with the Greek yoghurt – the hot apple and the cold yoghurt contrast well.

Total Calories : 304

Fat : 8.5

Protein : 7.1

Carbohydrates : 53.2