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Fitcorp Asia launches the First CrossFit Affiliate in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – November 1st, 2012

Fitcorp Asia, Thailand’s leading private health, fitness and performance education company launches the first CrossFit Affiliate in Bangkok, Thailand.

Since 2000, CrossFit has been steadily growing in popularity across the United States. Building a strong community of driven, focused men, women and children of all ages and inspiring them to higher levels of motivation, health and personal development.

Fitcorp Asia has been an innovator of the Thailand fitness industry since 2003 with cutting edge and result driven programs for individuals, the community and corporate sector. The company now runs 5 major businesses under its corporate brand.

Daniel Remon, the CEO and founder of Fitcorp Asia said

“For us, introducing CrossFit to Bangkok is an expansion of our current methodology. Building a strong dynamic community of like minded, driven individuals is a cornerstone to our ethos and business success.”

CrossFit is deemed the ‘sport of fitness’ – taking a recreational and recommended activity to the realm of sports, community and competition. That competitive element is focused on the competition of one’s self, as well as with others. This adds accountability, support, structure, adherence and therefore a change of behaviours, lifestyle and results for the long term. CrossFitters aspire to be the best they can be, and that’s what makes the difference.

Far from being exclusive to elite athletes, CrossFit BK trains all members, regardless of skill or fitness level, to become as fit as possible, using tested means of general physical preparedness. Their goal: to be physically and mentally prepared for the known and unknown.

CrossFit Bangkok

Henrik Olofsson, Fitness Manager, partner and Head Coach of the CrossFit BK Affiliate explains “This is a very exciting time for the global and local fitness industry – it’s a game changer. Programs and workouts are safely scalable to accommodate all levels of fitness. We have developed a safe, progressive and educational introduction program called ONRAMP to introduce new clients to CrossFit.

He said “CrossFit is based on a methodology of constantly varied functional movements at high  the movements and biomechanics of safe lifting technique for optimal results.”intensity, which is key to better results in less time which is also directly linked to increasing our capacity to live longer with greater independence as we age.”CrossFit BK has 7 certified CrossFit Level 1 coaches who are highly specialised in delivering safe progressive programming.CrossFit BK is located at ASPIRE by Fitcorp Asia, Asoke BTS, Exit 4.For more information please contact:Fitcorp Asiainfo (at) |