End of Year Promotions!!!

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We don’t believe in New years Resolutions, so we are encouraging you to take action NOW! before the year ends!

We know new resolutions don’t work, thats why the same resolutions are on your list year after year.

99% of new resolutions are out the Window by January second! and here’s why..

People don’t write them down
Resolutions are not time oriented
Individual goals are not broken down into specific tasks and smaller steps
No re-evaluation of set targets
No family or social support.

So, here is what are going to do…

1) For any client who can show us a nutritional journal completed over the next 4 weeks, plus sign off training sessions by a witness (minimum 4 x per week), you will get a ONE FREE MONTH OF BOOT CAMP!!

2) TAKE ACTION! An additional 10% off our 3,6 and 12 month Boot Camp packages!!

3) 10% off Private training packages when paid in full (minimum 3 month commitment)

ONLY, YES ONLY when you confirm and pay by December 31st 2008! So you have 15 days to get yourself on track, take charge of your health and beat the pack in getting in the best shape of your life in 2009!

Make sure you start the year ahead of everyone else, already on track….

Check out some these awesome yet simple 8 tips to keep the Turkey from heading to your belly and your thighs!

1) Eat moderately
2) Don’t over eat
3) Eat small and eat often!
4) If you’re going to drink alcohol, combine with lean sources of protein! (Like Turkey or Ham!)
5) Remember the 80/20 rule
6) Share your desert!
7) Go for a short 15-20 minute walk after every meal!
8) Do you Body weight Strength program at least every second day! (Festive Fitness Training Program)