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Exercise can be a time-consuming affair for people who lead busy lives. Successful business executives and managers exercise regularly.

Time equals money! However, time also equals health! It is no use having all the riches in the world if poor health won’t allow us to enjoy it.

Health is a priceless commodity. No matter how much money we spend on state-of-the-art fitness equipment, expensive nutritional supplements or trendy health club memberships, our personal fitness will always be a long-term investment that requires a minimum amount of time and effort.

Get Serious
Make a commitment
Take responsibility
Make it your Lifestyle

Set Goals
Your road map to success
New investment project or product range without a business plan
Set short, intermediate and long-term goals
Set goals that are attainable.

Get Organised
Schedule a daily appointment with yourself
Make notes in your diary a week in advance
Ask your assistant to remind you take a ‘fitness break’
Home exercise equipment in a corner of your office or at home
Avoid going home before you go to the gym
Get in the habit of packing your workout gear the night before

Surprise Yourself
Forget the rigid workout schedules
Do whatever you can whenever you can
Short bits of exercise are as effective as long workouts

Don’t Give Up
Make up for it tomorrow
Fitness is not an all-or-nothing affair!

Have Some Fun
Bring some fun into your workouts
Train with a friend
Try Boot Camp
Create Corporate activities related to Health and Fitness – Everyone will benefit!
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