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Do You Want to Play Better Golf?
Do You Want to Drive Further by 10-50 yards?
Do You Want to Lower Your Handicap?
Do You Want to Eliminate Injuries?
Do You Want to Play More Consistently?

Fitcorp Asia are Asia’s Golf Fitness & Conditioning Specialists. We will show you how to improve your golf performance through a series of functional, golf specific programs designed specifically for golfers to play better golf!

Daniel Remo is Thailand’s first and only Certified Golf Fitness Professional. Certified through the prestigious Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Fitcorp Asia uses the same testing and exercise programs as the PGA and LPGA Tour.

The TPI is the result of over 12 years of research studying the best golfers in the world, and how their body affects their golf swing.

  • Learn the secrets to guarantee you a better game!
  • Increase 10-50 yards to your drives every time!
  • Hit more fairways
  • Generate higher club head speed
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • A wider smoother golf swing
  • Lower your handicap
  • Eliminate injuries and back pain
  • Improve your core stability and back strength
  • Reduce body fat!

Better Golf Fitness is Fitcorp Asia’s golf performance enhancement program designed to enhance every golfer’s game.

Regardless of age, current handicap, experience or current fitness level, whether you are a beginner, an amateur, a golf enthusiast or a PGA professional, Fitcorp Asia’s Golf Fitness & Conditioning Programs are guaranteed to help you increase club head speed, drive further, increase dynamic power, lower your handicap and eliminate injuries to ensure you play your best golf ever!

Golf Fitness & Conditioning Workshops:

Why Enrol in a Golf Performance Workshop?

  • Discover our simple stretching system to drive further
  • Why most golfers don’t ever improve
  • Common Injuries & How to Avoid Them
  • How to increase club head speed and power
  • How to improve core stability and balance
  • How to endure 72 holes a day without fatigue or soreness
  • Learn Pro level swing mechanics
  • Discover golf specific strength & flexibility exercises
  • Body positioning and stabilization techniques

Our Golf Fitness & Conditioning Programs can be done in your home, your office, or on the course itself. No need for expensive equipment or gym memberships. These programs are guaranteed to help you play your best golf.

Other Golf Fitness & Conditioning Services:

  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Evaluation
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Seminars & Workshops
  • Group Training Golf Fitness & Conditioning (minimum of 4 per groups)
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Exercise Programs
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Flexibility Programs
  • Integrated Golf Fitness & Conditioning with PGA Golf Professional
  • Portable Golf Fitness & Conditioning Exercise Equipment
  • Corporate Golf Fitness & Conditioning Programs for your Company.
  • Golf Nutrition
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Articles

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