Great Beer, Great Body

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It’s old news that beer and fat loss do not mix well together. The effects of simple sugars (what beer is made of) on your body’s ability to use fat as energy (fat loss) is a shame if you enjoy a beer or any other alcoholic beverage once in awhile.

Overall, alcohol is not a friend when it comes to keeping the fat off. While normal sugar yields 4 calories per gram, alcohol yields 7 calories per gram, all which are worthless calories. The sugar also affects your insulin balance, which is the main determinant in how efficiently your body can release fat.

What can you do to have your beer and the body you want? The first option you have is to cut back to having a drink one day a week, especially if you are trying to lose fat. If this is a little too restrictive for you the next best option is to eat.

Alcohol sugars slow metabolism down, so 1 hour before you start drinking eat a well balanced meal of a protein and a complex carbohydrate (ex. chicken & potato). Protein has a heat producing or calorie burning effect, which will keep your metabolism active and burn those alcohol calories a little more efficiently.

You should also be eating sugar free/ high protein food during your drinking as well. This will continue to help keep your metabolism active and allow you to enjoy your beer, your body, and your night out on the town.