I Just Don’t get It…

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It still boggles me, when people call, email or meet to discuss their needs and to help them with the health and fitness objectives.

Find the professionals, have specific needs, have tried before, failed before, want the best service, want a proven system, strategies to help them stick to their program, their new lifestyle change, stay on track with their nutrition and eating plans.

They know they can be more effective and don’t want to be wasting time doing exercise and eating ineffectively, yet, continue to follow the ways of the past, the ways which have proven time and time again, not to work!

Yet, with all the social proof, the systems, the solution. everything they have asked for and need to be successful, still they remain hesitant to take action.

The fear of action. Fear of taking action, fear of success is what prevents people from being successful.

Perhaps it’s human nature, to ask for opinions and advice from experts, then turn around and do the complete opposite or continue their stubborn ways.

If you ask for professional advice, from experts who have the experience and proven success, follow it, implement the strategies and take action.

No more wasting money, no more wasting time.

This is one reason why i don’t like to spend my time with leaches, those who actually have made no real commitment to change. Fishing for freebies, for advice, for the potential magic bullet, one size fits all magic potion solution to their fitness goals, especially when it comes to fat loss.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Eliminate them all from your mind.

Success doesn’t come easy, nor does it come cheap. invest in your self, learn from those who have been successful before you, do as they do, make the change, and SUCCEED!

Pretty simple huh?

So get to it.

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