Jump Start 2010 Personal Training Program in Bangkok with Fitcorp Asia

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Been sitting on the fence deciding to make a change or put it off a bit longer? Not ready to make the committment, fear of failure? How many excuses have you come up so far? We encounter endless excuses that people come up with, holding them back from achieving tremendous levels of vitality, energy, confidence and self esteem. From guilt, finances, fear, I have to think about it to I have to ask my partner!!

Well you are in for a treat. We have eliminated all the excuses for you. If you are one of those fence sitters, then this is your time to act. Actions speak louder than words, new years resolution DON’T WORK (try and convince me otherwise) so take advange of this super low introductory program for either yourself or give as a gift for a friend, spouse or relative.

Here’s what you get in the 2010 Jump Start Program for Just 8,000 Baht. Experience all our favourite programs, build a foundation and take the time to determine which is the best path to create to a new and improve YOU! Here is what you will receive:
  • 5 Private Training Sessions
  • Full New and Improved Body Movement Screen
  • Nutrition Journal
  • 1 x Outdoor Fitness Session
  • 1 x SGT session
  • 6 x new Low Fat High Protein meal replacement bars!!
If this wasn’t enough, to make it even more exciting, BRING YOUR FRIEND FOR FREE!!!!!!!!
Research shows, working out with a friend increase your results and retention by as much as 72%
To take advantage of this 2010 Jump Start Program or buy a GIFT CERTIFICATE!

Get your 30 Day Challenge for just 8,997 Baht

Email Us NOW to confirm your new body!.