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We have taken our FitBar and made it the most delicious protein bar you will ever have.

Typically to make a great tasting protein bar companies add tons of sugar and sometimes tons of fat. Due to the carefully watched receipie and our ability to keep close eye on all the ingridents we have added 10grams of protein and kept the sugar and fat contents virtually the same!

Jam packed with nutrition, keep them in the office, gym bag, or at home and in your car so you always have your snack meals at hand.

Post workout, the Protein FitBar replaces your lost glycogen and lost protein from your training sessions, facilitates recovery and boosts your metabolism to help you shed more fat while maintain your hard earned muscle mass which leads to more burned fat!

The Protein FitBar is a meal in itself carrying all 3 major nutrients that your body needs.

Fitcorp Asia is dedicated to you achieveing your health, fitness and fat loss goals.