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Hi everyone,

I just had a really nice email from a previous Fitcorp client who went thorugh one of the initial FLC’s back in 2008.

She had so much success with the program and it really did change her life.

As we all experience, somestimes life isnt so kind, so we find ourselves needing a kick start to get through some rough patches and getting on with our weight loss goals. Fortunately if you are have some hurdles with your weight loss goals in Bangkok, or anywhere in the world, you can get access to the same information that helpd som many others around the world.

What really work welled for participants, was the daily emails of support, knowledge and reminders to keep everyone accountable and on track.

So I have decided to add the opt-in forms and offer access to all the emails to help those who want to lose weight in Bangkok or beyond.

Here you go, enjoy, take the challenge and get moving to a better, leaner, healthier YOU!

So get moving, shed fat, get in great shape and learn all the secrets to turn your life around and shed that stubborn, unwanted fat forever.

Good luck!

Daniel Remon
Personal Trainer Bangkok
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