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As our clients are unique, so too are our programs and packages.

Each body is designed and engineered as uniquely as the next. Therefore it is crucial that we also personalize our programs to ensure each and every client received the most specific, goal oriented program to help them achieve their health and fitness Objectives.

As Thailand’s leading team of fitness experts and personal trainers in Bangkok,  we ensure you have the right strategies, tools and education to keep you on track, accountable, enjoying your training and closer to your dream body in less time!

Our Bangkok Fitness Programs include:

Personal Training Programs:      2,3,4 x week and 3,6,12 months

Personal Training Programs:2,3,4 x week and 3,6,12 months
Boot Camp packages: 2,3,4 x Week and Unlimited 3,6,12 months
Fat Loss Packages: 12 and 24 week programs
Nutrition Packages: Online nutrition software, food journals, meal plans, coaching sessions.

Contact Fitcorp Asia – The Bangkok Fitness Experts and get yourself on track and in great shape, in less time.

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