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Fitcorp Asia specializes in training and conditioning for endurance athletes, triathlons, marathons, speed and Olympic distances and adventure race training  in Bangkok. Thailand is becoming a haven for adventure races and triathlons, marathons and adventure races in Asia. This increase in popularity is also bringing athletes of varying levels, first timers, amateurs and professionals.

Of course, everyone’s objective is to complete each amazing race in Asia in their personal best time. An often overlooked strategies is resistance training. Coupled with strength training comes many myths which prevent participants from achieving better performances and resulting in injuries, overuse and muscle weaknesses and imbalances..

One of the most common myths of endurance athletes and triathletes is that of strength training. That lifting weights will slow you down, create more bulk and make you slow. This couldn’t be further to the truth.

The RIGHT strength training can turn all endurance athletes into efficient powerful athletes, allowing you to perform at higher intensities, for longer with less fatigue, improve your anaerobic threshold, to reabsorb waste products such as lactic acid more effectively, help you power through higher gears, hills and rough environmental conditions as well as improve your run economy, reduce injuries, create a more balanced, total body.

Here is what the research says:

  1. Running economy (RE) is how efficient one is at using oxygen while running. Several studies have suggested that rate RE can be improved through weight training. One study did weight training specifically with triathletes and found that RE as well as leg strength and power was increased.
  2. Plyometrics and explosive weight training may be useful for improvements in endurance athletes. Examples of plyometrics would be one foot hops, bounding and skipping to name a few. Explosive weight training would include hang cleans and push press type lifts.

 Fitcorp Asia are your triathlon, marathon and adventure race fitness training experts in Bangkok, Thailand.