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“Studies show that interventions to increase physical activity and improve nutrition is the most effective method to improve student academic and athletic performance”

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

We at Fitcorp Asia are the first Certified Youth Fitness Specialists in Asia. We take a different approach to the way our youth move and play sports and are educated to enhance the ‘movement skills’ which are essential to create a positive exercise experience, preven injuries and coach to improve coordination, strength, balance and mobility/stability in youth.

In addition to offering cutting edge speed and movement programs for youth, we also consult with schools all over Asia, to deliver educational seminars and workshops to caoches and PE teachers on the fundamentals of youth movement.

We have delivered youth fitness and sports coaching programs throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and various cities in China. Expanding the understanding and skills of coaches and teachers to develop sound movement based programs to inspire better athletes, prevent injuries and bring professionals up to date with the latest research and coaching principles.

Our approach is different, our understanding is unique, but our task is simple.

To create a physical culture amongst youth, coaches, and parents by delivering knowledge and training to create well rounded young athletes that move correctly, and remain injury free.

All youth are in a very sensitive time of their physical and mental development. From birth to the late teens we have an open window to create and refine very important motor and movement skills that will affect the rest of a child’s life.

In these sensitive first 20 years, youth are changing quickly physically and mentally and all physical training must be in line with the different levels of development including communication, physical movement, and fun!


Young Athlete Performance

Our approach ensures to effectively train different levels of young athletes in different ways. We have broken our training programs into three different age groups aligned with the mental and physical development stages youth are experiencing.

A 7 year old does not need to understand the mechanics of a squat like a 14 year old. A 7 year old needs to move and have fun learning to enjoy being active. Whether at 7 or 14 years we can teach a child to squat. The way in which we approach the training will depend on age, skill level, and motivation.

We also understand that communication is of utmost importance when dealing with young athletes. We have developed 4 levels of skill/motivational personalities that allow us to communicate in the most effective manner to each individual child.

Our objective is to create an environment in which youth want to be active by teaching them to move correctly while having fun. Increased movement skills and body movement understanding will lead to fewer injuries on and off the playing field and add an increased quality of living into adulthood.


School Health Promotion:

To establish your school as a ‘Health Promoting School’ is testament to the schools vision, and an outstanding innovator in the promotion of health within the education curriculum.

Similarly, we specialize in ‘Workplace Health Promotion’ and shares this common synergy for the improvement and promotion of health, fitness and sound nutrition to enhance energy, athletic performance and mental capacity.

  • Consult your school on the development and implementation of health promotion initiatives, internal champions and programs
  • Fitness Boot Camps for students and teachers
  • Fitness Boot Camps for families
  • Monthly health and fitness newsletters
  • Regular seminars on health, fitness, nutrition, goal achievement and performance enhancement

The Needs & Interests Assessment (NIA)

We have created a unique online Needs and Interests Assessment (NIA) to determine the specific needs and personal interests of target groups.

The information obtained from this assessment provides a powerful insight into the needs of particular communities. Specific areas of current health, activity levels, nutritional habits as well as lifestyle and activity preferences are explored. We can also include specific questions to obtain information that your school would like to determine.