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Finally, international standard physical therapy in Bangkok so you can do something about those aches and pains! Hit the CAUSE! Not the Symptom.

Fitcorp Asia now offers physical assessments, rehabilitation, sports injury and back pain management.

Specialising in back pain, hip, ankle, shoulder injuries and general mobility/muscle weakness issues. Our full time Physio will guarantee to get you back to a pain free state of health.

With our physiotherapy program we use several modalities to combat these problems. Muscles that lack strength need to be activated and strengthened with corrective exercises, while muscles that are tight and overactive need to be lengthened and inhibited to restore the proper balance.

Manual techniques provided by Fitcorp Asia include:

– Joint and Spine Mobilization
– Deep Tissue & Sports Massage
– Trigger Point Therapy
– Specialize in Hip, Shoulder and Lower Back Pain

We educate our clients and expect an active participation in the rehabilitative process.

This ensures that the treatment not only gives pain relief, but ensures body awareness which will reduce the chance of future injuries, and return to full and complete pain free function.

Restoring health and optimal function is our primary objective.

If you have an injury, or just a nagging pain that is bothering you, do something about it and email Fitcorp Asia HERE or call the studiophysio clinic at  02 661 7900  to make an appointment for an assessment.