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Fitcorpasia’s original fitness boot camp programs in Bangkok have been created based on the scientific research of effective training principles, fat loss, strength, conditoning and getting in the best shape of your life in less time.

Based on our prescribed intervals, we know how effective it is. So much, that we place a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE that you will shed fat, get fit, feel amazing and be in the best condition of your life when you follow our fitness boot camp program in Bangkok combined with our result orienetd nutritional program.

No diets, pur lifestyle Nutrition Planing, learning how to make better food choices, eating out, planning, programming and Guaranteed Results. Proven System that has helped more than 500 clients in Bangkok.

If you follow and don’t achieve those objectives, we will refund your money 100%!

We stand behind the only Guaranteed Results Claim. After running successful boot camps in Thailand, we have only recieved praise for the amazing results achieved by our committed devotees.

So what are you witing for? Zero Risk, Iron clad full refund if you are not totally satisfied.

Get cracking and take part of Thailand’s most effective, and fun fat loss and fitness boot camp in Bangkok!