What is Boot Camp?

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Boot Camp is a uniquely effective workout and completely different fitness experience than you have ever taken part in. It is a comprehensive physical conditioning program that combines the expertise and benefits ofone-on-one personal fitness training with the camaraderie and motivation of working in a group environment.

Sessions cover every single component of fitness throughout a 60 minute training session including: Cardiovascular, Speed, Strength, Agility, Power, Posture, Balance, Flexibility, Co-ordination, Proprioception and Muscular Endurance. Your muscles work the way they were designed.

It is an excellent form of conditioning for the structural system (joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments), the cardiovascular system (heart, lungs, blood) and the nervous system (exercise and lactic acid threshold). It increases your cardiac output, improves the efficiency of oxygen uptake and delivery, reduces your resting heart rate. You will be fitter, faster, stronger, more agile and more likely to maintain a regular exercise habit.

Our workouts are based on a combination of strength, core stability and cardiovascular exercises. BOOT CAMP Trainers keep things lively by integrating push-ups, pull-ups, squats and other strength builders with speed and agility drills and plyometrics designed to increase speed and build cardiovascular endurance.