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Golf Fitness Seminars for your company! The golf course is just another meeting room, where deals are made and won, negotiations are resolved, relationships are built. There is also a little competitions that goes with it –

We ensure you get the edge on the next round, providing small group seminars and small group training either in your office, or as part of your corporate golf day!

Our corporate golf fitness workshops are also a popular choice as part of our corporate health programs, bringing the fun of golf, the business of golf and performance into the workplace.

Healthy employees and executives are more productive, are more loyal to the company and of course playing better golf ensure better relationships are made resulting in enhances corporate performance.

Golf Fitness Tips, exercises and programs can be performed at your location, during your management meetings or on site at the golf course during your corporate golf days.

Fitcorp Asia – Improving health, golf, fitness and corporate performance.