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Athlete Development

At Fitcorp Asia, we develop the entire athlete, from the body, to the mind. Complete mind and body conditioning to develop the complete athlete.

Athlete Promotions

From securing sponsorship to media awareness and promotion, Fitcorp Asia ensures our athletes get the support, awareness and attention they need to make it to the big time and be successful on tour.

Athlete Management:

Managing athletes means we take care of all the logistics. From scheduling, visas, flights, accommodations, tournament registrations and transfers, we take care of everything so our athletes can concentrate on what’s most important. Playing golf.

Think, Train, Play like a Champion – and BE A CHAMPION with Fitcorp Asia – Creating Champions

Fitcorp Asia is Thailand’s leading health, fitness & sports performance company. Our mission is to improve health, fitness and performance of all our clients through cutting edge education, program design and years of training experience.

Fitcorp Asia is the first company in Thailand to provide golf fitness and conditioning education and training programs, improving golf performance for golfers of all levels.

Why Do Golfers Need a Golf Fitness & Conditioning Specialist AND a Golf Pro?

Our Golf Fitness Specialists are trained in Kinesiology, Biomechanical Anatomy and Physiology which is fundamental in understanding the golf swing – where, how and by which muscles generate speed and power, which joints require dynamic flexibility, and those that require stability and static strength. A deep understanding of these areas also ensures injury prevention in addition to performance enhancement and your guaranteed longevity in the game.

Just ask your golf pro what they think the importance of golf specific fitness and conditioning plays in the development or your game!

In our Golf Specific Fitness & Conditioning Programs you will:

  • Learn the secrets to guarantee you a better game!
  • Increase 10-50 yards to your drives every time!
  • Hit more fairways
  • Generate higher club head speed
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • A wider smoother golf swing
  • Lower your handicap
  • Eliminate injuries and back pain
  • Improve your core stability and back strength
  • Reduce body fat!