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Fitcorp Asia’s Junior Golf Program is designed specially for young golfers to improve their golfing performance while staying injury free.

Taking specific physical developmental needs into consideration, our junior golf fitness programs follows the same principles as our international youth fitness programs. Emphasising correct form, technique, performance and fun!

We are noticing a dramatic change in the calibre of junior golfers. They are getting fitter, stronger and are hitting it as long as the PGA and LPGA players. This is a combination of personal coaching on swing mechanics and getting stronger.

Junior golfers like Ty Tryon, Michelle Wie and the Song sisters are a perfect example of what junior golfers are capable of, given the right approach. Parents are now realizing the investment in their kids golf pays off big when they receive partial or full scholarships for college.

The difference between junior golfers and adults is typically strength – not flexibility. I’ve worked with many junior golfers and within a very short period of time, doing strength training, their drives increased as much as 50 yards.

Focused on movement enhancement, injury performance, strength stability and laser focus for conditioning during tournament play and the off season.

Physical conditioning is paramount to introduce and implement during this early stage of life and their sporting careers. Those who follow and continue to implement regular golf fitness conditioning into their overall training plan, will have a distinct advantage over the future competitors and a more successful career in the game of golf.

The Junior Golf Fitness Development Program:

We have created a 12 level development program to see juniors through for 3 years of detailed development training. A global golf development plan and never before offered anywhere in the world.

  • Core conditioning
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Mobility Movement
  • Coordination
  • Muscle Synchronisation
  • Speed & Power.

How do you get the edge when you’re at the junior golf level? Getting stronger, specific to golf may be the answer.

Participating in a strength training program doing the wrong exercises can be harmful to junior golfers not help them. The exercises have to compliment the golf swing from a dynamic standpoint and a stability standpoint. If this is not taken into consideration, improvement will not happen.

Golf fitness MUST be part of your total golf training and development plan. Golf Fitness IS the future of golf performance.

Contact Fitcorp Asia to guarantee the safe and successful development of your child’s golf career.