Success Story – ISB Panthers swim team winning gold and bronze at IASAS in Singapore!

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Fitcorp Asia & Youth Performance Institute (YPI) would like to send a massive congratulations to the ISB Panthers Swim Team that just returned from the IASAS championships in Singapore; the boys winning the gold medal and the girls clinching bronze!
This is the first time in the IASAS 29 year history ISB Panthers swim team placed their name on the plaque! Youth Performance Institute, running weekly youth strength and conditioning sessions with the ISB Panthers Swim Team this year, is very proud to be a part of writing ISB school history!

Youth Performance Institute – a newly founded organization for youth development in sports & Physical Education

Henrik from Fitcorp Asia and Youth Performance Institute and the ISB Panthers swim team

Henrik Olofsson, together with Daniel Remon co-founder of Youth Performance Institute (YPI), a certified Youth Fitness Specialist, was the youth strength and conditioning coach for the Panthers ISB swim team heading up to the IASAS championships.

“Training the Panthers and getting to know the swimmers and coaching staff was a great experience for me and it was inspiring to see how these young athletes developed as the program went along. At Youth Performance Institute we’re not necessarily looking to produce Olympic athletes. Instead we value young athletes improving athleticism and how they move, avoiding injuries and having fun so they ultimately can perform better. Winning trophies is just a bonus – although a great one!”

 Training with a purpose – setting up for success

Since some of the swimmers were new to the team this year, a lot of focus was spent on building a team spirit and camaraderie within the group. That was something that obviously seemed to have an effect and ended up turning out very well.

Henrik explains how and what he did to train the Panthers to reach their potential. “As a Youth Fitness Specialist I spent a lot of energy and emphasis on teaching fundamental movements and motor skills to enhance overall athleticism, prevent injuries to promote general physical development in the young athletes”.

Traditionally in swimming, dry land training hasn’t always been prioritized or seen as an essential component in a training regime to maximize potential in the pool. Henrik explains, “For young, developing athletes it’s always good to get out of the competing environment and to stimulate the body in more than one dimension to avoid early sports specialization, burn out, injuries and stagnation”. ISB Panthers Coaches, Mrs. Gaile Rocker and Mr. Andy Myers took action and identifying the need and potential and for this kind of training stimulus and believed in the YPI philosophy and youth fitness and conditioning methods. According to the post-  evaluations and championship results their choice to contact YPI paid off well.

Henrik from Fitcorp Asia and Youth Performance Institute and the Coaching staff for the ISB Panthers swim team

“The response and feedback from the coaches and team has been great and even though I’m sure my dry land workouts were dreaded by some but I feel confident that the vast majority enjoyed the process as a whole”, says Henrik. “I was always striving to keep the workouts challenging and learning; but also fun and enjoyable. Again, at YPI we strive to engage and prepare children and young athletes to develop motor skills and become competent movers, whether they’ll be future competitive athletes or just productive, healthy members of society”. To wrap it up Henrik continues, “I had lots of laughs together with the team, especially during the popular relays, partner drills and fitness games. The Panthers Swim team and Coaching staff definitely made me feel like a part of the group and hopefully I’ll get a chance to work together with them again sometime in the future”.

What is the Youth Performance Institute (YPI)?
 *YPI, based in of Bangkok, Thailand, is a recently founded youth performance organization and first of its kind in Asia dedicated to the development of movement skills, fitness and health in young athletes and children. YPI functions as a resource and educator for schools, youth Coaches and PE teachers to provide an environment that stimulate children and young athletes to move better, stay injury free and ultimately perform better with methods and concepts that enhance general physical development and athleticism in youth.

Youth Performance Institute (YPI) will be launching its website soon. You will find us at

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