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“An injury to my rotator cuff left me with intense and chronic pain in my shoulder.   After a disappointing visit to a physical therapist at one of the local hospitals, I decided to try FitCorp Asia.  I arrived with low expectations, hoping that the physical therapy would allow me to sleep, drive, and perform other daily tasks without pain.  My ultimate goal was to be able to swim with my masters’ team again.  Fitcorp developed a program for me that included massage, stretching, and strength training.  Now, after just a few months, I’m finished with the physical therapy program, I’m pain-free, and I’m swimming again!  I never would have predicted such a speedy recovery.  I’m very glad I went to FitCorp Asia.”

Michelle Bridgestone

“Leigh and I would both like to thank you for not only getting us into the best shape of our lives for our wedding but also helping us establish healthy habits that will be with us forever.  It is a gift that will keep on giving. 

As you know Leigh lost a total of 11 kg and I lost 8kg.  Last week, just for fun, I tried on my prom dress and it fit! I wore it when I was 17 years old and it fit perfectly (yes, from 17 years ago)!”

Thanks so much guys!

Annette and Leigh Rigg, USA, Australia


“In years of weight training with many different trainers both in Thailand and in America I never made any notable progress. Discouraged, I would stop training; then return to it, knowing that my health was at risk if I didn’t do something. I met Daniel in May 2004 and have been working with him since then. Together we have been working on my goals mainly of losing weight, improving my overall fitness level and working on some rehabilitation as I had just come off some serious medical conditions. With Daniel I made progress immediately.

He possesses many qualities that make him an outstanding trainer. His knowledge of the human body is apparent and he does a great job of explaining the proper technique and form in order to maximize each exercise. His unique ability and skill to precisely attune himself with my needs and customize a personal regiment that best suits me has far exceeded any and all I have experienced with any other trainer. He has worked diligently giving me his encouragement, expertise, motivation, and guidance through every stage of training. There arent many with his education, experience, and dedication to their clients. Daniel is always trying to improve himself, learning about new techniques and philosophies in physical fitness and physical training. No one I have met is devoted to improving himself so that he can help others.

After about twelve months of training I have lost almost 50 kgs. He has revived my commitment to exercise and fitness. His complete devotion to my training program gave me and continues to give me the strength and determination to achieve my fitness goals.
S. M., Bangkok


“My mind and body was in need of serious attention.  After trying to work through some muscle soreness over a long period of time and only becoming more and more frustrated with the setbacks, I sought the help of Daniel and his team at Fitcorp Asia.  I was immediately impressed with the depth of knowledge and understanding that Daniel displayed when I first meet with him.  I was confident that I had found the right team of people that would take through a period of rehabilitation and training that would get me back to the level of fitness and mental energy I required.

I can strongly recommend everyone that needs to gain control of their fitness, weight and mental alertness to Daniel and the team at Fitcorp Asia.”

Michael Dye, Bangkok

Ayudhya Allianz


“With 12 years experience as a former physical training instructor in the British Army, I would highly recommend the fantastic benefits that Daniel’s expertise and enthusiasm does for individuals and companies. The benefits await those who have the courage to get themselves a healthy mind and body, which they will appreciate in later life.”
Daniel Brown, Bangkok Thailand (UK)


“I have been training with Daniel and the Fitcorp Team for close to 5 years now, and can say that he’s probably the best personal trainer in Thailand. I have had a lot of experience with personal trainers from over 15 years of experience trying out various fitness concepts/programs at top health clubs in Bangkok, and can honestly say that the training that I have done with Daniel has been the only one that has given me significant and very obvious results in a very short time.

This clearly reflects the fact that he knows what he is doing. But the greatest thing of all is the variety, attention, energy and dedication he gives to you in every session, and it is always consistent! In other words he genuinely focuses on you and is always alongside you to get that result you want. This is the key to what makes all his clients stick to their programs, keep coming back for more, and getting the results they want.”
Chanita Saicheua, Bangkok
Partner, PriceWaterhouse Coopers


“Daniel has provided inspirational and motivational post partum training for me allowing me to return to work feeling strong and in great lean shape. Taking time to understand my lifestyle and professional demands, Daniel designed a unique personal functional program for me. The program has simultaneously toned my muscles whilst reducing both body fat and weight. In addition, Daniel detailed a complete nutritional regime to reduce my body fat whilst fuelling the body.

Daniel has helped me maximise my potential and achieve my fitness goals. I continue to be impressed with Daniel’s unquestionable professionalism and the long term vision strategy of Fitcorp.”
Jan Woods, Bangkok (UK)
Vice President, Human Resources
PepsiCo, Asia Pacific


“Thank you for getting me a new hubby! When I picked him up at the airport, I couldn’t stop staring at him, I had never met that man before! Seriously, his face has changed so much without these 14 kg, I had never known him like this before. And I like it!

Now, I am still getting used to hugging him, because my arms can actually go around him so much farther! And I like that too!”
Wife of Rob, (USA)
International Client


“Dan, I just would like you to know that I am completely satisfied with the services Fitcorp provided me during my recent 9 week stay in Bangkok. I could not have scripted the scenario better if I tried and am a walking testimonial to your vision of better health for those willing to do some real work.

Everyone has remarked how much fitter I look and those that really know me have commented that I am calmer and have more of a “shine” to me. My wife was stunned at the difference. It’s been positive all around and I’m looking forward to continuing my journey towards better health.

Take care Dan and once again thank you for exceeding my expectations!”

Rob, (USA)
International Client


“Daniel Remon changed my life. Like countless millions of other people, I used to exercise half-heartedly, or even when I was motivated, I mostly did it the wrong way. My entire approach to and knowledge of fitness changed forever after I met Daniel two years ago at my club in Bangkok and asked him to be my personal trainer. From Day 1 I knew that Daniel was a highly-trained professional, and through him I now know more about exercise, nutrition, and the human body.

I was suddenly thrown into a world of fitness that produced quick results, was challenging but fun, and enabled me push myself to attain goals that I did not think possible. Daniels unique and wide-ranging exercise programs, combining cardiovascular exercises, functional weight training, and balance and form drills guaranteed results.

My strength, endurance, flexibility and mental focus are all far greater today than before I began working with Daniel. But just hitting the gym is only part of my great learning experience. Daniel taught me the benefits of having a proper diet and getting enough rest, which only increased the benefits I receive in the gym. And finally, Daniel pushes and motivates me more than any coach Ive ever had in participation sports while growing up, or any gym assistant who’s given me pointers. He believes in me and my goals, and has a unique ability to help me get the most out of each exercise.

The ultimate benefit for me? About 30 minutes after each workout, when my body’s endorphins kick in and I feel absolutely incredible. I think anyone can say its a bit of a drag getting into the gym, but when I see Daniel there ready to go, it all changes for me. And afterwards, I remember why I like to exercise.”
Joseph Cochrane, Bangkok (USA)
Foreign Correspondent Newsweek


“Daniel helped me to focus on setting my own fitness goals and then put together a plan for me to achieve them efficiently. When I train with Daniel, he helps me work probably 50% harder than when I train on my own. But even when I train alone, I can still follow the program. He has a very positive attitude, an easy manner and he educates as we train. I always look forward to our sessions.”
David, Bangkok (UK)
Legal Counsel, IBM


“I have been one of Daniel’s clients for more than 4 years now, training with him twice a week. In this time, Daniel has introduced me to a wide variety of equipment and techniques to develop and improve my strength, cardio-vascular fitness and endurance. He has also advised me on healthier lifestyle choices and nutritious diets. Daniel has always been flexible and accommodating with his schedule to fit around my own commitments. Daniel is extremely approachable and is able to establish friendly relationships with his clients, whilst still maintaining professional boundaries.

Daniel has a thread of determination running through him as he continuously challenges his clients to perform to their full their potential and beyond. With his wide range of skills, knowledge in physical fitness, and excellent interpersonal skills, Daniel is able to read the daily needs of his clients and adjust the programme accordingly. In the last year and a half, Daniel has assisted me in developing a greater appreciation for a variety of fitness techniques, has given me greater awareness of my body and the changes that have occurred to it.”
Valeria Limentani, Bangkok Thailand (Italy)


“I have known Daniel since 1998, where we worked at Chiva Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. I found Daniel to be an extraordinarily talented health professional and witnessed first hand the influence of his passion and knowledge to inspire others and positively change peoples lives.

To see Daniel branch out and start his own business venture with Fitcorp Asia and achieve immediate success is testimony to his ability to inspire and educate his clients and his team through his unique passion and dedication to his mission. Daniel persists with establishing only the highest of standards in the health and fitness industry and is a visionary of his cause. I respect him highly.”
Dominique Lonchant, Paris France
Yoga Professional


“I have been working with Daniel for the last 2 years and it has been fun. In that time my fitness level has improved immensely. We have worked on specific strength training and I have noticed consistent changed and adaptations from our training. Daniel has kept me interested and motivated with the variety of exercises using a multitude of exercise mediums and concepts. It has been challenging and fun.

We have also worked on a specific golf fitness conditioning program and I have increased my distance with all clubs at least 30 yards which is a great improvement. It has meant that my score for a round has been reduced by an average of 8 strokes.

Jeff Henley, USA


“Daniel is an outstanding Fitness Coach, one of the best in the business. What he taught me about how to exercise in 1 hour and the techniques he uses simply blew me away. I can highly recommend Daniel to any company or individual.”
Tim Hansen, Bangkok Thailand (Denmark)


“Daniel had such a fantastic abundance of drive, enthusiasm and energy that you could not help but be driven by these qualities yourself. While he trained you as a professional he also worked with you as a friend. The techniques used worked wonders and I still use them today years after leaving Thailand. If you are serious about your health contact him. NOW!”

David Blair, Bangkok (UK)


“Daniel is a consummate professional. Full of energy and ideas and always a pleasure to be around. His knowledge of all things health related plus his entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to share make him a valuable asset to anyone’s network! Would not hesitate to recommend him to any individual or business looking for a fun way to get fit.”
Callum Laing, Bangkok Thailand (UK)


“Dan is an energetic and driven individual who sets goals for him self and also his clients and makes sure they are achieved. I had the pleasure to work with Daniel at Chiva Som international Health resort in Thailand where joe blo and celebrities both where trained and coached by many of the fitness team there. Daniel was one of the individuals whose names kept coming up with top comments.”
Hunter Reynolds, Adelaide Australia.