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A BIG Congratulations goes out to Henrik Olofsson! Henrik has just passed his exams and is now a Certified Youth Fitness Specialist.

Henrik Olofsson is a Movement Specialist, Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Coach at Fitcorp Asia, Thailand’s leading provider of high end and exclusive personal training and fitness solutions in Bangkok.

With this additional certification, Henrik and the Youth Fitness team in Bangkok has embarked on a very special journey in 2011. To continue to develop specific programs for youth and young athletes to not only improve sports performance, but to offer education and motivation for less active kids in the community and develop a healthy, physical culture among the younger community. This has led to the creation of the Youth Performance Institite (YPI), the first dedicated organisation in Asia focused on the youth fitness, awarenes, development and education.

Youth Performance Institute (YPI) is one of Asia’s and Bangkok’s largest specialists in Youth Fitness & Conditioning, offering Youth fitness programs, performance camps, weekends clinics, Coaches certifications and workshops, etc. YPI, founded by Daniel Remon and Henrik Olofsson at Fitcorp Asia, are together the highest credentialed Youth Fitness Specialists in Asia (certified through the International Youth & Conditioning Association), having worked with International Schools in Manila, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangkok, among others.

YPI will also have opportunity to host Coaches workshops and certifications at their own facilities but is also planning to continue its consulting services with schools and sport organizations, both in the region as well as globally.

The mission of all YPI Youth Programs is to promote condition, teach and improve fitness and athleticism in youth in a safe, progressive, learning and fun way, supported by the latest research in the field. YPI’s Coaches Workshops and Certifications mix theoretical with practical learning in movement screens, program design and structure and coaching methods and skills, specifically for Youth.

How to run, squat, lunge, jump and land, throw, catch, accelerate, decelerate and effectively change direction, stabilize, transfer energy and produce force are essential, fundamental components to ALL sports and even though they are movement skills learned naturally they all need to be taught and refined through practice. YPI develops movement skills in youth, for example how to jump and land safely, rather than sport specific skills, like how to dribble a basketball. In other words, YPI serves to develop, teach and optimize the foundation of all sports in youth – human movement.

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