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Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Services in Bangkok

Personal Training in Bangkok is no longer exclusive to the rich and famous. Taking advantage of the knowledge and services of a certified and experienced trainer allows one to achieve goals in less time, in a fun and supportive environment.

Our clients work with us for a multitude of reasons. From motivation to rehabilitation to specific goal oriented fat loss programs as well as to improve performance such as golf, tennis, manage stress and to learn how to train productively and achieve more in less time. We work with executives, athletes, mums to be, new mums and professional mums, seniors and the urban athlete.

So whatever your reason, and whom ever you are, what ever your needs might be, we are here to help.

Correct and safe technique, advanced training techniques and exercise programming, nutrition counselling and guaranteed results are all benefits of working with a Fitcorp Asia Personal Trainer.

Your Personal Trainer is more than just a trainer. They are your fitness coach, life coach and are determined to see you achieve in other aspects of your life – not just in the gym.

Here are just some of our programs:

Fat Loss & Weight Management Programs

Specific goal oriented fat loss programs developed to ensure the adaptation of the body to become a fat burning furnace. This is a total lifestyle approach to permenant change. Programs include lifestyle evaluation, goal setting, exercise, nutrition, meal planning and maintenance programs.

Pre & Post Pregnancy Programs

Throughout pregnancy, your body goes through many hormonal and physical changes. Your needs and special requirements also change. Sensible and correct exercise and nutrition is essential for good fetal development, to minimise the accumulation of excess weight and to facilitate post delivery fat loss. We make sure you get into better shape post pregnancy.

Functional Fitness Training

Exercise programming which improves the ability to perform ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) with greater ease and effeciency. Programs are designed without the use of equipment, machines or dumbbells which makes training convenient, easy and very accessible. No excuses!!!

Kinesis Training
Bangkok’s first and only fully private Kinesis Studio, Amazing fat burning, fun and FUNctional, Kinesis is sexy, effective and guaranteed to get your heart rate up!

The Russian Solution to getting lean, shedding fat and getting in aamzing condition. Combining dynamic full body movements with a cannon ball of iron, the is THE most amzing workout in Bangkok. Also only available at Fitcorp Asia.

Golf Fitness & Conditioning Programs & Workshops

Play like Tiger! Specific conditioning to improve golf performance. Guaranteed to help you increase club head speed, drive further, reduce your handicap, reduce injuries, and perform better through the development of strength, power, stability, improved posture and dynamic flexibility. Learn more at

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Fitcorp Asia offer Thailand’s only foreign Physiotherapy services. International standard of rehab and physiotherapy is available on site. Approved provider from BUPA and other medical and health insurance companies.

Program Development Coaching

Developing effective and goal oriented training programs with nutritional analysis. Perfect for those on a budget, you can meet with our Professional 1-2 times per month to evaluation and updating of your program. Continuous online and telephone coaching ensures you are motivated and stay on track to your goals.

Corporate Fitness & Travel Training

Designed for the busy executive. Learn specific techniques, strategies and efficient training methodologies to keep you focused on your goals even while you are travelling and tight for time. Programs you can do anywhere, anytime.

Lifestyle Coaching

Total lifestyle evaluation and coaching to determine specific strategies to make permanent lifestyle changes. Incorporating work/life balance, nutritional change, exercise programming and special needs to ensure we overcome the challenges that have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past.

Sport Specific Training

Biomechanically, nutritionally and physiologically, every sport places different demands on the body. They also require unique energy sources, so regardless of your chosen sport, Fitcorp Asia’s sport specific programming specialists design programs to ensure you perform better on court, in the pool or on the course.

Bangkok Boot Camp & Outdoor Fitness Training

Bangkok Boot camp is a monthly structured fitness and conditioning program designed to maximise energy expenditure and shed fat!

We have created a program that includes all components of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, balance, stability, posture, core strength, speed and agility) into one 60 minute session. We include elements of functional training, sport specific conditioning, pilates and yoga among others….

We hold 15 Bangkok Boot Camp sessions every week at a time and at locations convenient for everyone. Learn more at

Nutrition Analysis & Meal Planning

Essential to goal achievement, nutritional planning is 70% of the fat loss game. Our detailed analysis software breaks down your current nutritional intake to identify where improvements can be made. We then establish new meal plans with recipes under our tried and tested nutritional strategies to help you establish sensible and permanent eating and lifestyle initiatives.

Body Composition Analysis (BIA)

Thailand’s only detailed body composition analysis report system outlining your body’s fat, water and lean tissue composition. Future testing analysis allow us to establish an 8 page trend analysis to see how your body is adapting and changing to your new lifestyle.

Seminars & Workshops in Bangkok.

  • Fat Loss Secrets
  • Fitness Myths & Misconceptions
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning
  • Goal Achievement Secrets – Guaranteed Succeed!
  • Results Orientated Training
  • Functional Integrated Training Systems (FITS)
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Maximising Strength Gains
  • Eat More to Reduce Body Fat
  • Positive Lifestyle Modification
  • Boosting Your Metabolism
  • Corporate Health & Fitness Solutions
  • Strength Training Technique & Safety
  • And more…

Fitcorp Asia also provide seminars and training for private groups, committees, clubs, fitness centres and hotels.

Educating the community, changing people’s lives, enhancing human performance through the provision of knowledge, education and training in Bangkok.

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