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Nutrition is the KEY to getting results. Whether you are trying to get trim and lean, build muscle, or increase your athletic performance your nutrition is going to play a huge role in getting you to where you want to be.

Our Metabolic Advancement Program (MAP) is designed to cut fat, build muscle, and give you the energy you need to out perform the competition.

We are not interested in having you counting your calories or having you cut nutrients out of your diet. To increase metabolism (your fat burning energy center) you must maintain muscle (your metabolism) and to do that you must eat the right foods.

We are the 1% of the industry that absolutely guarantees your results. The majory of fitness options offer one thing. Workouts. And workouts are not the solution to losing weight, getting lean and achieving optimal results.

Our nutrition coaching and meal plans are suported by Doctors, proven time and time again with our contless clients who have gone through our nutrition coaching program and shed kilograms like never before.

Its an education and investment in your future health and longevity. its more than just food, fuel or nutrition. it more than just recipes and tracking. Its unerstand how your body works, how to achieve a blance in your hormones and develop a fat burning metabolism. Creating an environment for your body to use fat as a ‘preferred fule source’

And thats the difference. Thats why we can GUARANTEE results, or your money back.

We have cracked the code to fat loss, restablishing your hormones and kick starting your fat burning furnace.

Email us for more information and get started on Guaranteed results.

Your journey starts here. Personal Training Professionals Bangkok


Boot Camp is a uniquely effective workout and completely different fitness experience than you have ever taken part in. It is a comprehensive physical conditioning program that combines the expertise and benefits of one-on-one personal fitness training with the camaraderie and motivation of working in a group environment.

Sessions cover every single component of fitness throughout a 60 minute training session including: Cardiovascular, Speed, Strength, Agility, Power, Posture, Balance, Flexibility, Co-ordination, Proprioception and Muscular Endurance. Your muscles work the way they were designed. It is an excellent form of conditioning for the structural system (joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments), the cardiovascular system (heart, lungs, blood) and the nervous system (exercise and lactic acid threshold). It increases your cardiac output, improves the efficiency of oxygen uptake and delivery, reduces your resting heart rate. You will be fitter, faster, stronger, more agile and more likely to maintain a regular exercise habit.

Our workouts are based on a combination of strength, core stability and cardiovascular exercises. BOOT CAMP Trainers keep things lively by integrating push-ups, pull-ups, squats and other strength builders with speed and agility drills and plyometrics designed to increase speed and build cardiovascular endurance.

Online Meal Planning

Fitcorp Asia supports your nutrition needs with our new online accountability nutrition software.

If you would like a free trial of our award winning software to help you stay on track of your meal planning, email us for your activation code.

Keep you on track in Bangkok and when you are on the road anywhere in the world.

Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition Bar

Due to popular demand and the specific needs of our clients, we have now created the perfect nutrition bar, the FitBar!

A perfect blend of protein and carbs, with only 2 grams of fat, the FitBar is 100% Natural!

Nutrition Information:

92 Calories, 2 grams Protein, 2 grams fat.

Jam packed with nutrition, keep them in the office, gym bag, at home and in your car so you always have your snack meals at hand.

Post workout, the FitBar replaces your lost glycogen from your training sessions, facilitates recovery and boosts your metabolism to help you maximise your energy and shed more fat!

For best results, eat your FitBar with a piece of fruit, 0% fat natural yogurt or with cottage cheese!

Fitcorp Asia is dedicated to you achieving your health, fitness and fat loss goals.

Protein Bar

We have taken our FitBar and made it the most delicious protein bar you will ever have.

Typically to make a great tasting protein bar companies add tons of sugar and sometimes tons of fat. Due to the carefully watched receipie and our ability to keep close eye on all the ingridents we have added 10grams of protein and kept the sugar and fat contents virtually the same!

Jam packed with nutrition, keep them in the office, gym bag, or at home and in your car so you always have your snack meals at hand.

Post workout, the Protein FitBar replaces your lost glycogen and lost protein from your training sessions, facilitates recovery and boosts your metabolism to help you shed more fat while maintain your hard earned muscle mass which leads to more burned fat!

The Protein FitBar is a meal in itself carrying all 3 major nutrients that your body needs.

Fitcorp Asia is dedicated to you achieveing your health, fitness and fat loss goals.

Nutrition Supplements

When using dietary supplements, assess your needs, evaluate the merits of taking supplements, and understand how to choose and use them.

Can you skip your daily servings of fruits and vegetables and take a vitamin and mineral supplement instead? Unfortunately, no.

Vitamins and minerals are substances your body needs in small but steady amounts for normal growth, function and health. Together, vitamins and minerals are called micronutrients. Your body can’t make most micronutrients, so you must get them from the foods you eat or, in some cases, from dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements can compliment your regular diet if you have trouble getting enough nutrients. But they aren’t meant to be food substitutes. Dietary supplements can’t replicate all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Supplementation has shown to enhance recovery, maximise performance and facilitate the achievement of your goals.

Active individuals should ensure they ingest adequate protein to facilitate recovery and prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue.

A detailed evaluation of your current nutritional intake using our award winning nutrition software will determine which nutritients you are lacking.

Fitcorp Asia – Your Nutrition Experts in Bangkok.

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