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FLC #9 – The Ultimate Fat Loss and Body Transformation Program in Bangkok

The famous and successful FLC (Fat Loss Challenge) program from Fitcorp Asia is on again.

Giving you all plenty of notice to prepare yourself for the ultimate body transformation program in Asia.

The Fat Loss Challenge has been held in Bangkok for the last 3 years and has help more than 100 individuals transform their bodies into lean, mean fat burning machines!

Using cutting edge research based exercise and nutrition strategies to shed the fat and get incredible results.

Just any old exercise and general nutrition will NOT get you the results you desire. They have to be EFFECTIVE, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get!

You must have the right ingredients for optimal success:

Effective Training | Effective Nutrition | Effective Strategies


The 30 day, 4 week program includes:

  • Unlimited Exercises sessions
  • Secrets to serious fat loss and permanent success
  • Fat Shedding cardio conditioning programs
  • Nutritional coaching sessions, and handouts
  • Educational workshops, hand outs and systems
  • Nutrition Journal
  • Strategic Meal Plans
  • Fat Blasting Recipes
  • Weekly Workout Videos, programs

This year, the program will also offer online coaching for those who can’t join the sessions due to life or work/travel commitments and have the motivation to do the work on their own.

To get you started, head over to the to get your FREE Report on Helping you achieve optimal results.

So now you have 2 options:

The Full Monty 9,900 Baht

30 day BODY TRANSFORMATIONAL CHALLENGE (FLC) – Online Coaching Program

Just 3,990 Baht. Weekly videos, food plans, exercise programs and motivation all the way! Just 1,000 baht per week for tested and proven strategy for fast effective weight loss!

Places are strictly limited, so act fast, secure your place and prepare for incredible life changing results. We have to be strict on this policy, if you’re too late, you miss out.

Contact Fitcorp Asia ASAP so you don’t miss out: – 0818 044 335


Every Tuesday and Thursday 18:00 – 19:00
Every Saturday morning, 11.00AM

Not sure if FLC is for you? Head over to and sign up for your FREE cheat tips for fat loss. You will also get a complimentary training session and nutrition coaching session. There we can see which program will be best for you.

Committed to your success!

The entire Aspire Team!


July 1st, 2011 for more info on the leading sport performance & fitnes club in Bangkok!


Jump Start with Jade, 8,000 Baht, 5 PT sessions, Nutrition Journal, 1 Week of Bootcamp Session.

Check out the rest of the team at