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The ultimate selection of goal oriented and result driven personal training and bootcamp services and programs in Asia. Find your personal trainer in Bangkok, or start your Bangkok Bootcamp experience to shed fat and get in great shape with fantastic like minded people. Have an injury or pain? Our Bangkok Physiotherapy clinic is internationally educated and certified.

The most effective training programs, most professional trainers and coaches in Bangkok all with specialist training and experience for your desired objectives.

An option for everyone, from personal training, elite golf fitness training to yoga, pilates, youth fitness and martial arts in Bangkok. The perfect blend of health, fitness and performance options to help you achieve your goals in a dynamic, motivating, and fun training environment.

It is important that you find and participate in exercise that is not only effective but fun. Finding something you enjoy, will keep you motivated, keeping you more active, and ultimately leading to the results you desire.

Each of our specialty services is conducted by a fitness professional specializing in the particular field giving the utmost attention to keeping the programs fun, effective, and always different.

Choose from the selected services and get started on creating your best body ever! All Fitcorp fitness programs in Bangkok are developed with strong support from research.

We understand how the body works and that simply exercising is not going to get you the results you need. The body is a unique and complicated machine, hence why our trainers have spent 3 years studying at University tp gain the knowledge and total understanding of delicate exercise physiology, nutrition, fat loss and weight management. not simply a weekend course like many so called trainers in Bangkok. Mickey Mouse trainers are common, results are not.

Thats why we are the ONLY personal training and fitness company in Bangkok to stand by a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. not just on results, but also on your total satisfaction. Zero risk, total confidence.