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Our approach ensures to effectively train different levels of young athletes in different ways. We have broken our training programs into three different age groups aligned with the mental and physical development stages youth are experiencing.

A 7 year old does not need to understand the mechanics of a squat like a 14 year old. A 7 year old needs to move and have fun learning to enjoy being active. Whether at 7 or 14 years we can teach a child to squat. The way in which we approach the training will depend on age, skill level, and motivation.

We also understand that communication is of utmost importance when dealing with young athletes. We have developed 4 levels of skill/motivational personalities that allow us to communicate in the most effective manner to each individual child.

Our objective is to create an environment in which youth want to be active by teaching them to move correctly while having fun. Increased movement skills and body movement understanding will lead to fewer injuries on and off the playing field and add an increased quality of living into adulthood.