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What is Corporate Health?

Corporate Health refers to the systematic approach endorsed by an organisation designed to enhance the health of the company and its most important asset: its employees.

The Ultimate Goal of Corporate Health Promotion is to:

‘Create a culture that values and meets both individual and organizational needs for health improvement and corporate performance.’

Fitcorp Asia is an established provider of successful, customized health promotion programs in the workplace. We work with organisations in all industry sectors to improve corporate performance through improving the health of their employees.

Our programs are goal driven and result driven.

Our Corporate Performance Services:

  • Needs & Interests Assessments
  • Health & Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Fitness Classes & Instruction
  • Wellness Committee Development
  • Corporate Onsite Seated Therapy
  • Workstation Ergonomic Evaluation
  • Health & Wellness Seminars & Lectures
  • Corporate Gym Set Up & Management
  • Weight Management Programs
  • Executive Performance Programs
  • Business Athlete Sessions
  • Nutrition Coaching

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