Golf Flexibility

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Dynamic flexibility is essential to enhanced swing mechanics and golf performance.

Training the muscle to lengthen and contract at high velocities will maximise power, club head speed and distance. While also reducing injuries and muscle strains

It amazing really, if you play golf, you KNOW that more flexible you are the better your golf swing. So WHY do so few of us actually stretch before we play. We ALL want to play better golf. In fact I am positive that 99% of all golfers want to play better golf, the other 1% are liars. Simple.

Golfer all over the world will spend 100’s 1000’s of dollars every year on new clubs, shoes, rounds of golf, golf magazines and balls without spending a single cent on the most important component of the golf performance arsenal.

That most important piece of equipment IS YOUR BODY! A Better Body, equals Better Golf. And together, this equates to Better Golf Fitness!

Longer muscles allow for easier and larger movement, longer swing arc, long range of movement, great swing arc equals more power, longer drive.

Longer muscles allow for a smoother swing also, and will help prevent any short sharp movement caused by overcompensating muscles which are shortening to prevent injury.

Further, the more efficient your swing is, the lower the chances of injuries.

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