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We are always looking for that low calorie snack that won’t kill our diet
or ruin our fat loss goals. Yet, there are so many options out there we
get confused and just don’t know what to choose.

First, what is a low calorie snack?

Second, how do I know how many calories a food has in it?

This report is broken down to 0-99 calories snacks/foods and 100-200
calories snacks/foods. The 0-99 foods you would choose if you just
needed a quick pick me to get to your next meal that is maybe 1 hour
away. The 100-200 calorie foods is where maybe you have 1-2 hours
before you can eat again and need something that will sustain you a
little longer and provide more satiety.

These are snacks that can be eaten between meals, as a late night snack
or just when you know you will need some food to get to your next full

The first category is 0-99 calories snacks and foods and it is broken up
into the food, the portion size for that food and the amount of calories
for that portion size.

The lists are also broken down into approved snacks (all the time) and
occasional snacks (sometimes). Approved snacks can be eaten at every
feeding opportunity regardless of when it is. The occasional snacks
should be eaten only once every other day. They are calorie controlled,
but you do have better choices if you want to lose fat, so don’t depend
on these occasional snacks as every day food items or something to
nibble on multiple times a day.

These foods fit into your diet because they provide protein and/or
fiber which will leave you feeling full. And as you know, that is a key
component for weight loss success.

These lists are not inclusive of all foods that fit in these calorie ranges.
It is merely a sampling of a variety of foods.

Approved Snacks
(All the Time Snacks)
FoodPortion SizeCalories
Apple1 medium60
Apricots3 medium53
Bean Salad1/2cup88
Banana1 med65
Cauliflower1 cup25
Blueberries1 cup80
Bran Cereal1/2 cup65
Broccoli1 cup25
Asparagus1/2 cup25
Green Beans1/2 cup25
Carrots1/2 cup25
Peppers1/2 cup25
Cantaloupe1 cup cubed60
Cherries12 large63
Grapefruit1/2 large61
Honeydew1 cup cubed60
Nectarine1 small57
Orange1 med72
Peach1 med63
Peaches1/2 cup canned or frozen
Pear1 med65
Pears1/2 cup canned or frozen65
Plums2 small60
Raisins2 Tbsp57
Strawberries1 1/4 cup58
Cottage Cheese4oz96
Reduced Fat Cheese3/4 oz50
Fat Free cheese1 slice31
Fiber One1/2 cup60
Puffed Kashi1 cup70
Whole grain total3/4 cup97
All Bran1/2 cup80
All Bran with extra fiber1/2 cup50
Post Bran Flakes3/4 cup99
Quaker Crunchy Oat Bran3/4 cup90
Poached egg175
Hard Boiled egg175
Gazpacho soup1 cup56
Onion soup1 cup58
Vegetable soup1 cup72
Chicken noodle soup1 cup75
Minestrone soup1 cup82
Chicken, rice & vegetable soup1 cup90
Tomato soup1 cup85
New England Clam Chowder1 cup95
Refried Beans1/2 cup92
String cheese1 ounce80

Occasional Snacks

(Sometimes Snacks)

0-99 calories

FoodPortion SizeCalories
Vanilla Wafers594
Light vanilla ice cream1/2 cup92
Sugar Free gelatin1/210
Sugar free vanilla pudding1/2 cup70
Sugar free chocolate pudding1/2 cup80
Fortified Instant Oatmeal1 packet97
Town House Crackers5 crackers80
Keebler Original Club Crackers4 crackers70
Ritz Crackers5 crackers80
English Muffin1/278

So the foods above are under 100 calories and are foods you can choose if
you only need to fulfill your hunger for around 1 hour.

This next group is 100-200 calorie foods and should be able to fulfill you for a
longer period of time until you can eat your next regular meal.

Approved Snacks

(All the Time Snacks)

100-200 calories

FoodPortion SizeCalories
Prograde Craver Almond butter1 bar180
Prograde Craver Peanut butter1 bar180
Prograde Craver Spirulina1 bar180
Cream of Wheat1 cup123
Oatmeal1 cup145
Corn Flakes with 1/2 cup 1% milk1 cup151
Bran Muffin2.5 inch diameter153
Fiber One with 1/2 cup 1% milk1 cup171
Black Bean Soup1 cup116
Lentil and Ham Soup1 cup139
Beef Soup1 cup170
Black Beans1/2 cup100
Kidney Beans1/2 cup104
Brown Rice1/2 cup108
Soy Nuts1 ounce110
Yogurt, nonfat8 ounces120
Trail Mix1 ounce131
Mixed Nuts1/4 cup190
Almonds1 ounce172
Cashews1 ounce164
Peanuts1 ounce165
Cottage Cheese 1%1 cup163
Cottage Cheese 2%1/2 cup102
Baked Sweet Potato1 large162
Kashi GoLean Crunch1 cup170
Multi-Grain Cheerios1 cup110
Wheat Chex1 cup180
Walnuts1 ounce185
Raisin and Nut Trail Mix1 ounce130
Trail Mix with Chocolate Chips1 ounce137
Cranberry-Nut Trail Mix1 ounce120
Pumpkin Seeds1 ounce148
Sunflower Seeds1 cup168

Occasional Snacks

(Sometimes Snacks)

100-200 calories

Total Raisin Bran1 cup170
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran1 cup190
Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk1 cup180
Pretzels1 ounce113
Fig Newton Cookies2110
Whole Wheat Macaroni1 cup174
Nonfat Chocolate Pudding1 cup100
Raisins1/4 cup109
Split Pea Soup with Ham1 cup185
Corn Chowder Soup1 cup200
English Muffin (toasted)1128

So here you have it, a quick reference guide of low calorie snacks that you can
have on hand in your pantry, car, office or wherever you might need a quick
pick me up that is healthy and low calorie. There should never be a reason to
choose the vending machines or fast food with this many choices to choose