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Throw Out Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2013

The internet is full of articles to help you overcome the same challenges you face every year. Resolutions themselves are the problem! So this year, I want to do something different.

Here we will offer you some inside tips to help you become that 20% and ensure your resolutions remain in tact and become achievements. Never again will you need to make these New Year resolutions.

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100 Calorie Snacks

We are always looking for that low calorie snack that won’t kill our diet or ruin our fat loss goals. Yet, there are so many

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Fitcorp Asia Opens the First Commercial Simulated Altitude Training Center in South East Asia at The Aspire Club.

Fitcorp Asia, Thailand’s leading personal training, fitness and sports performance company launches Asia’s first simulated Altitude training center at the Aspire Club in Bangkok. SAT, also known as Hypoxic training, where individuals train at simulated altitude environment at heights of 5000m above sea level forces the body to develop greater number of red blood cells to adapt to the lower levels of oxygen, improving the amount and delivery of oxygen to working muscles, improving the removal of waste products from energy production such as lactate, increasing fat loss, improving recovery and allowing individuals to work at higher intensities for longer with less fatigue.

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Interval Training for Runners

Interval training is an extremely effective training form to increase running tempo, increase cardiovascular output, despite this it’s most certainly one of the most neglected

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Why run?

It’s simple…running is good for you, here are just a few of many reasons why: * Good for your heart- strengthens your most important muscle

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Welcome to Aspire

Aspire is a unique and refreshing addition to the Bangkok fitness landscape. Finally, a company with vision, passion and total commitment to achieving outstanding health

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