Why run?

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It’s simple…running is good for you, here are just a few of many reasons why:

* Good for your heart- strengthens your most important muscle in your body, the heart.

* Lose weight- like any exercises, running is a great way to lose those kilos. ACSM Journal’s article from 2006 by Dr. David Swain, concluded that running burn twice as many calories than walking.

* Muscular improvement- the muscles react positive from the very first run (Journal of Applied Physiology).

* Stronger bones- higher bone density.

* Improved balance- your improved balance will also help you in your daily life.

* Better posture- stronger, “prouder” posture and released stiffness in shoulders/neck.

* Psychological benefits- cardio exercise has proven to have positive effects on the brain, the released endorphins make you feel more alert and energetic. A study in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry states that staying active will decrease the probability of develop dementia.

* More fertile- research shows that running results in less impotence and higher sex drive (Queens University, Canada)

* Lasting Eyesight- slows down the inevitable process of weaker eyesight when you get older (Berkeley National Laboratory).

The benefits of running exceed the risks by far. Building up your running base progressively will drastically reduce the risk of getting injured. Prepare yourself with a structured running program including strength-, balance- and mobility exercises. Variety is good way to stay motivated. Thus, combine your runs with other types of exercise.

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