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Interval training is an extremely effective training form to increase running tempo, increase cardiovascular output, despite this it’s most certainly one of the most neglected forms of training.

Most people just chose to stay in their comfort zone, run the same old casual run and is missing out on a lot by doing so. Provided interval training is well planned and structured, it can give great results fast, add a new dimension to your running performance in preparation for your next scheduled race or endurance event.


The major advantage of interval training is that you can maintain a high running speed over a longer period than you are capable of during a long slow distance (LSD) run. Put simply, interval training allows you to bump up the lactic acid threshold and teach your body to cope with running at a faster pace by breaking the total running distance in to shorter intervals with period of recovery in between.

Potential problems
The difficulty with any type of interval training is finding the right pace and distance. Experience shows that it is easier for an inexperienced runner to initially stick to the relatively short intervals repeated numerous times. The hardest part when determining intervals is finding the right running pace. There are basically three ways to measure and control the intensity:

• Measuring time at a known distance
• Appreciate the effort (using Borg’s scale for example)
…or to measure heart rate using a heart rate monitor.

At the Aspire Running Club will use measuring time at a known distance as the strategy to keep every aspiring runner on a structured program and to keep track of progress. Speed, recovery and duration will adjust gradually as performance is improved.

Interval training is an integral part for runners, endurance athletes, desk jockey’s and people across the demographics. The benefits of short bursts of high intensity work followed by recovery and then to be repeated has shown to be superior in not only cardiovascular performance (

but also to burn fat ( and all other benefits that comes along with physical activity – not to mention how it can also save time!

Interval training is perceived by many as something daunting and too much hard work but can be extremely satisfying and engaging as it requires you to stay focused and tap in to energy systems your body might not have experienced in a while, kicking your endocrine response to another dimension!

The 8-week Aspire Running Club will guide, prepare, introduce and structure interval training (among other things) to assure you are in great running shape at the end of 2011 (weather it’s to prepare for a race or just to run and have fun in a group of like minded, inspiring people)!

The Aspire Running Club start on September 29th – taking place on Thursday’s at 6.30 pm at Queen Sirikit Park for 8-weeks.
Spots are limited – sign up today!

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