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Your best options for personal training in Bangkok for getting in great shape with a dedicated team of professionals at Fitcorp Asia.

The first step people take when wanting to kick start their fitness routine and new lifestyle, the majority hit the internet. Google searches for Bangkok personal trainers, or Bootcamps in Bangkok, personal training Bangkok is where they start.

They key here is personal. The research that supports the success of those working with personal trainers as opposed to working out themselves is evident. Aspire is the personal training center of choice in Bangkok. Establish for 10 years, Fitcorp Asia has revolutionized the health, fitness and personal training industry here in Bangkok, Thailand and raised the bar for the fitness industry throughout Asia.

Why is personal training with Fitcorp Asia so effective? We are all unique. Losing weight, shedding fat, improving health, optimizing energy and changing your behaviours is a science. It’s well documented. The human body and the brain is extremely complicated and intricate. We, as human beings having developed through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution adapts to certain stimulus. We are all unique, and finding the right stimulus for your body to respond most effectively is based on a collection of strategies. Science based, experience based, proven by the tremendous success of our clients over the years.

The personal trainers at our Bangkok personal training center have developed a unique system for success. Developed over 15 years in the industry, training, mind set, nutrition, adaptation to get you the best results possible in the least amount of time.

Our experience, systems, service and exclusive private personal training facility is what makes the difference. It’s what differentiates us from the rest. Support, education, passion and outstanding results. We have successfully created a solid community of health and fitness enthusiasts in Bangkok. All focused on one thing. Achieving results, and being the best they can possibly be.

One essential tool we use which is exclusive to Aspire and the team at Fitcorp Asia is the Aspiration map. The Aspiration Finder tool help us determine and understand what motivates you.

Try It here – it’s totally free even for non members and personal training clients.

The biggest common denominator among our personal training and Bootcamp clients in Bangkok? All are driven towards outstanding success. Being surrounded by like minded individuals with similar goals aspiring to be the best they can be. Aspire by Fitcorp Asia, Bangkok’s leading personal training center is where we all come together.

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The Personal Trainers at Aspire by Fitcorp Asia Bangkok are passionate, committed and completely dedicated to helping you achieve outstanding results. In addition to passion, our expertise rests with our systems to motivate, support and motivate you towards successful lifestyle change. Education in nutrition, how to eat strategically, how to order health Thai food, make simple easy to prepare meals, salads, snacks – everything you need to fuel your body, manage your energy levels and eat intelligently towards your health, fitness and fat loss goals. 100% commitment, 100% of the time.

Our personal training and lifestyle change systems are designed to support you even when you are not here in Bangkok. When you are travelling, on days in between your personal training appointment with us, in doors, outdoors, in gyms, on holiday, at the beach in the mountains. We also run strategic and education health and fitness holidays and retreats in Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives and throughout Asia.

Safe, effective, progressive and corrective programs to not only get leaner and maximize your energy , also to help you move better, performance and stay injury free.

You get what you pay for. Results, support, education, an exclusive and private training environment in addition to quality service and expertise.

For your complimentary health and lifestyle consultation and goal setting session, drop us an email or use the form below to book in and find out why Fitcorp Asia and the Aspire Club is leads the fitness and personal training industry in Bangkok See for yourself how we can help you be the best you can possibly be.

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