First Ever Young Athlete Speed, Power & Performance Clinic in Asia!!

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Fitcorp Asia, the pioneer in innovative performance and result oriented training concepts once again creates head waves in the fitness industry!

Fitcorp Asia, has now launched, Athlete Moves…. The first dedicated Young Athlete Speed, Agility and Performance Clinics. Launching around the Asia pacific region in 2009, the first clinic will take place on December 20th and 21st, 2008 at ISB International School Bangkok.

This is the most important strength, speed and performance program your young athletes will ever attend. The focus of the clinics is to:

• Develop the Foundation for Superior Athletic Performance
• Reducing Injuries, Maximizing Performance
• Enhancing Movement Capabilities

The Clinics will include information on the latest research for enhancing performance, dynamic warm ups, speed, agility and power development drills to build the foundation of movement through strength and conditioning.

Clinics and camps will also include a detailed movement screening to assess physical limitations and identify weaknesses in young athletes through our corrective program design through our highly trained physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists.

5% of the clinic fees will go back to the schools to further education and young athlete development sessions, camps, clinics and or equipment.

Dates for 2009 will be set and can be arrange for International School around the region, including BISAC, IASAS and athletes only, schedule permitting, prior to the regional launch of the Young Athlete Performance programs.

Here are the details for the December Clinic!

When: December 20th & 21st, 2008
Where: International School of Bangkok (ISB)

3 age Groups to Choose from:

Boys & girls 10-13 years 08:00-10:30
Girls 14+ years 11:00-13:30
Boys 14+ Years 14:00-16:30

Cost: 4,000 (2 Daily Sessions)

Same Day registration (6,000 baht)

Call 0818 044 335 OR 0806 055 170.

Fitcorp Asia – Developing Future Champions,

Daniel Remon & Ryan Meo