Is your diet worth its salt?

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It’s been proven by numerous studies: your modern western diet is not up to scratch. Here is why.

Do you regurlarly eat white rice, pasta or white bread? If yes, then I’m afraid you’re not as healthy as you might think. For decades, soils have been washed and rinsed with pesticides, fungicides and growth agents. This thorough wash-out has turned soils into sterile lands, devoid of the all-important minerals that are critical to hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.

The salt we’re using has been stripped of most of its magnesium, leaving only sodium and iodine as active ingredients. The issue is, magnesium chloride is absolutely vital. Lacking magnesium in your diet can have disastrous consequences on your metabolism and spell doom on your life expectancy. This might sound a bit too alarming but for your reading thrills, I’ve compiled a laundry list of the effects a low magnesium diet can have on your health :

  • muscle weakness
  • fatigue
  • back pain
  • loss of appetite
  • constipation
  • insuline resistance
  • heart failure
  • Do I need to go on?

According to the US Agricultural Research Service, more than 60% of the US population has a degree of magnesium deficiency. Ok we get it, we need magnesium, more of it especially in Bangkok where 99,9% of the dishes contain white rice. But where to find it?

Enter Nigari (bitter in japanese) : this crystal-like powder is pure, unadulterated sea salt that hasn’t undergone any kind of processing whatsoever. The Japanese have been using this salt for millenia; it’s an essential part of tofu preparation. In our case though, you don’t need to wolf down a pound of tofu to make sure your daily magnesium requirements are met. Don’t eat it, drink it.

Nigari has the virtue of being extremely cheap (about 30THB per pound) and is pretty easy to find as well. The only downside of Nigari is that even if you heavily dilute in water, it still tastes awful but I guarantee that the benefits for your health far outweigh its funky flavor. The recommended dosage is 20 grams of Nigari per 1,5 liter of water. You can easily store the preparation in the fridge and drink a regular glass every day, first thing in the morning. You could of course take magnesium in pill form but you’d miss out on the colon detoxification properties the drinkable version possesses.

Spectacular Effects

Take your glass of Nigari every day for one to two weeks and just watch your body and mind literally metamorphose. This is no joke, the benefits of the magnesium contained in Nigari is well documented and you’ll find dozen of doctors and health experts ready to talk about it. Why ? For once, not because they make millions selling magnesium pills but merely because it works so well. The general population is not aware of it, partly because it’s difficult to add value to such a basic product, so major drug companies have given magnesium the cold shoulder. You shouldn’t.

Here are some of the benefits of the wunderbar mineral: