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What’s new!?

Once you stop trying new things, you tend to lack stimulation and that will drive you low on motivation and energy – you might even start feeling old..!
Even though you might not want to; try spicing up your everyday routine with some fresh input. You will be surprised by the energy boost it can give you. Just start on a small scale. Walking instead of driving or squatting to pick that pencil up instead of bending are just a couple things you can do differently. Not only will you burn a few more calories but your back will appreciate the squat over the back bend. What do you have to lose!? Give it go!

Get physical!

Think its hard getting into shape? Getting healthy and raising your energy level takes more than simply exercising 2-3 times a week. You need to make it your lifestyle. Implement it wherever you can in your life and change will come a lot faster.
Look at these simple alternatives you have around you –

– stairs – elevators
– front walk – taxis
– parks – sofa
– portions – buffets
– water – soda

Keep your metabolic rate moving
Keep your organs working optimally by make sure you get sufficient nutritional foods.
If your are feeling weak and low on energy it is because you are not eating enough or because you are not eating within all the recommended food groups:
– fruits
– vegetable
– rice (brown rice preferably)
– leguminous fruits
– oils
– fish
– herbs
– fluids
The more effectively your organs can function, the better digestion and detoxification they can perform.

Make “My time”

Put down a time (in your calendar) where it is all about you. Make sure that you are using it for a purpose that primarily serves you and adds to your well-being. Exercise, go to the spa, meditate; go for a brisk walk. It’s really up to you. What matters is that you devote all of your attention to it and benefit from it.

Sugar makes you sour!

Ever noticed how some people get lazy and grumpy a little while after they had their coke in the afternoon or if they skipped their dessert? People with sugar addictions can get large irregular energy boosts and when that energy drops they can become moody. Avoid becoming like that and start taking the sugar out of your diet. Use nature’s sweeteners such as honey & fruits to help you ease out of it your addiction.