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Fat Loss Challenge 3: Now you have your chance.

After the astounding success of FLC 1 & 2, where a total of 100 lbs of fat has been shredded, Fitcorp Asia will be holding FLC 3 in September. The winner of FLC 1, Noelle lost a total of 12 lbs, and the winner of FLC2, Ingo, lost a staggering 25lbs of FAT, not weight lost on the scales, just pure body fat.

FLC 3 will start September 30th. So if you are ready to change your life, and your body, learn the secrets to permanent fat loss and great looking body, the act fast. Places are filling fast.

Don’t Believe us, check these fantastic results from previous challenges:

Ingo, 24: Lost 11.8kgs (26 lbs) of fat – Now lost a total 15kgs (33lbs) of fat!!
Maria, 52: Lost 6kg (12.2lbs) of fat – Now lost a total 8.6 kg (19lbs) of fat!!
Mel, 37: Lost 3.9kg (8.6lbs) of fat – Now lost a total 8.6 kg (19lbs) of fat!!
Noelle, 37: Lost 5.5kg (12lbs) of fat
Amanda, 53: Lost 4.1kg (9lbs) of fat
Heidi, 43: Lost 4.0kg (8.8lbs) of fat.

Lose Fat, in 8 weeks, Guaranteed!

The third Fat Loss Challenge and weight management education program starts September 30th, 2008.

Fitcorp Asia DELIVERS the facts and EDUCATES you on how to BURN FAT FAST, GUARANTEED Fat Loss in 8 weeks!!!

How Can You Lose?

Only by NOT being in FLC3! So get committed early before holidays and look fabulous for Christmas!

Confirm and pay before September 10th and get a FREE HEART MONITOR and FREE PRIVATE NUTRITION COACHING SESSION!

The program includes:
Weekly seminars and debriefing sessions on fat loss strategies, nutrition and the best exercises for your success, fat burning tools and tips to Burn Fat FAST and keep it off forever.

These results are real! now it’s your turn! Spaces are strictly limited and are filling fats, just 5 places remaining.

You Will Receive:
Proper Nutrition, Productive Training, & Positive Motivation

What’s Included:

ท 24 Group Fitness Sessions (3 x per week)
ท Pre and Post Evaluations
ท Educational Seminars
ท Weekly Weigh-ins
ท Individualized Strength Program
ท Individualized Cardio Program
ท Nutrition and Training Journal
ท Fat Loss Secrets Manual
ท Food and Calorie List
ท Yummy Smoothie Recipes
ท 119 TIPS to Permanent Fat Loss
ท 100+ Low Fat, Low Carb healthy Recipes
ท 1555 Page Success Guide to Fitness & Fat Loss

Contact Fitcorp Asia. We have 8 committed individuals already!

Now it’s your turn!