Success story – Fitcorp client qualifies for “Ironman 70.3 World Championships”

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Fitcorp Asia would like to congratulate Erwann Mahe (picture above) on his great result at the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship 2010 held in Phuket on the 5th of December. Erwann finished the race at 4hrs 47 min, 50th in the overall classification and 4th in his division accessing a qualifying spot for the 70.3 Ironman World Championship!

Erwann has been training with me, Henrik, and Fitcorp since July, preparing for the Ironman race in combination with his running, swimming and biking training. The goal has been to train Erwann to become a more three dimensional athlete, working on his mobility and stability to add strength in all three planes of motion as well as focusing on proper nutrition and recovery in between sessions.

Altogether Erwann has had a training schedule of around 15 hours/week last 5 months on top of his duties working as Executive General Manager of Ibis Hotels Thailand. The work ethic and efforts he has put up when training together is second to none and I would say that as a trainer, you really can’t ask for more from a client.

About 4 weeks ago, I got a taste of the incredible endurance myself that Erwann and fellow top triathletes possess, teaming up together at the Yara Challenge – a 4 discipline adventure race held on the countryside about 1 hour from Bangkok. The competition was a great and humbling experience for me and Erwann was more than happy to “pay back” some of the things I’ve put him through in the gym before!

Erwann (left) and Henrik after crossing the finishline at Yara Challenge 2010…

A few words from Erwann from the Ironman and what lies ahead…

“Fitcorp and Henrik helped me in my training by giving me the basis I was missing and to understand my body needs. I’m now more balanced and able to use my muscles more effectively and not only the pre-dominant ones.

I’ve also lost a few kilos while managing to keep the same power which has made a huge difference, especially for my running. For example, my run time in Phuket was the best I ever performed in a 70.3 with a time less than 1h 35 min for the half Marathon distance.

Next challenge ahead will be to continue developing the “Bangkok Triathlon & Cycling Team”, where Fitcorp is also an official sponsor and supporter of. Upcoming races will mainly be in Thailand, such as the Samui long distance in April and the ITU Asian cup.

I will definitely keep working on my overall strength to continue improving my performance. I have realized that with the help of Henrik and Fitcorp, I still have a good margin for progression and that’s really encouraging for future results and competitions!”

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