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Now, for the first time ever in Thailand – Fitcorp Asia brings you ‘Survivor Island – Koh Samed’!!! An extreme weekend of physical and mental challenges that will test you to the limit as you play for the chance to win 10,000 Baht!

Starting on the 30th of january 2010, this two day, one night experience of a lifetime will have your heart pounding as you become part of a tribe – with the goal to escape the island! Take part in daring trials of endurance, courage and brute force as you fight to keep your tribe at the top of the food chain! However – with 10,000 Baht at stake for just one lucky winner, how much of a team player will you really be?

Take the challenge and compete in games seen in the classic ‘Survivor’ TV series such as;

‘Kicking & Screaming’
‘Dinosaur Eggs’
‘Losing Your Mind’
‘Hang Tough’
‘Escape The Island’
and the terrifying…
‘Buried Alive’!!!

Unlike any other experience in Thailand Fitcorp Asia will ensure your weekend is an adventure you will never forget. Win the immunity idol, take part in hair raising trials and be part of the Tribal Council to decide who goes home with the 10,000 Baht prize money as you compete not only during the afternoon but with our frightening night activities too! With nothing but fire and the moon to guide you will you have what it takes to survive?

Your reward for an evening of savage mayhem is a stay at the luxurious Sai Kaew Beach Resort (normal price 3500 Baht per night)!… Sit back, wash away the days dirt and sip a refreshing drink or two as you recharge and plan strategies for the following mornings Survivor Final! The question then is whether there will be enough left in you, both physically and mentally to make it off the Island!

Transport to the venue provided free of charge. Departing from Ocean Tower 2, Sukhumvit Soi 19 (Asok BTS) 10:00 am January 30th and departing from Kho Samed Island approx 15:00 pm January 31st 2010.

If you feel you are brave enough, and have what it takes to be part of a savage tribe – hell bent on glory, no matter how much blood, sweat or tears needs to be shed then please reserve a place by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button on this page and emailing us.

Simply email a valid contact number that we can call you on to an administrator for this page or to with the subject title “Survivor Island – I accept the challenge”

Price for this event is 4995 Baht for Fitcorp Asia members and 5995 Baht for non members. (3,000 Baht Deposit required)and full payment by January 28th, 2010.

To qualify as a member you will have been on at least one Fitcorp Boot Camp, had or continue to have personal training with a Fitcorp trainer or be a subscriber to our newsletter. Please contact an admin to be added to the newsletter subscribers list, benefit from informative health and fitness tips, great discounts on all our products and services and to register for your discounted price on this event.

Price includes accommodation, food and transport. The prize money will be paid in cash to the winner at the end of the event before departure.

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