Who’s In Control? You Or Your Food?

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It feels good to be in control, doesn’t it? We all are control freaks on our own level; some of us are just a little more vocal about it. Most of us feel lost and even scared when we don’t have control over certain situations, like riding on the back of a motorcycle taxi.

Rarely do we think of food being one of those things we have no control over, until your favorite jeans don’t fit anymore or you have to move make that belt a little bigger. Eventually we start trying to control the eating by cutting out the junk and eating way to little. This leads to calorie deprivation and you then begin to binge during the diet, but do it in the safety of your home (no accountability there). Let’s be honest you have probably been there and if you haven’t, well keep reading because someone you know probably has or is and could use your help

It is crucial that you understand that diets do not work. Why! Because all a diet will do is keep you focused on food or lack of it. If you are serious about getting in shape you must understand the need for supportive foods, exercise, and also the treatment of emotional habits you may have. Diets don’t treat the emotional reasons why you may over or under eat. How many times have you heard yourself saying things like “If I don’t have this for lunch, I can have that for dinner”? Or, Now I’ve messed up and eaten that pizza, if I go without …….. I can balance it all out. Thing is – you don’t. All this ‘mind talk’ is nonsense and it serves to keep you focused on food. It’s not healthy either, because you are in denial and constantly beating yourself up because you did or didn’t do something. Fortunately E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) can and does address the real reasons why you overeat and cannot achieve and/or maintain your ideal weight. Jaz Goven